Future of Agriculture 065: Finding The Right People for Your Agribusiness with Bob Broeckelman

There was a time when people found a job and stayed there for most of their working lives. Those times are in the past with modern statistics saying that 67% of employees leave a first job within the first 2 years. Having a job that is a good fit is not only important for employer cost savings, but it also makes a difference in the employee’s happiness.

Bob Broeckelman was interested in agribusiness right out of high school. He has been an FAA officer and advisor, an ag teacher, and is recently retired after 33 years working in the Farm Credit system.  He understands the importance of human capital and why it's important for people to understand and find what is the right fit for themselves.

Today, we talk about tools used to create profiles and questions to create good matches for people and jobs. We also talk about how this method helps the employer and employee.



"We were trying to do the students a favor by putting them in the right jobs." - Bob Broeckelman



This Week on the Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How matching people who were good fits for jobs drastically reduced turnover
  • Tools used for finding the right fit such as interview questions and questionnaires
  • Using the predictive index for behavioral profiles
  • Using questions to narrow down the top and bottom applicants and how these profiling methods were effective in many positions from loan officers to truck drivers
  • Cost lowering effects of matching people to the right jobs before hiring
  • How results proved the accuracy of these methods in success and retention rates
  • How the age they started working was the biggest predictor of success
  • How Bob noticed a decrease in critical thinking skills in interviews since the 80s
  • How we will grow by taking risks and having an open mind and attitude


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