Future of Agriculture Podcast 066: Misfit Farmers with Scott Wettstein and Dr. Curt Livesay from Dynamite Ag

Do we take basic decision making for granted? Do we just assume that our practices in the past should be our practices in the future? Using data based information, there may be ways to become more efficient and productive while saving money and resources.

Dr. Curt Livesay from Dynamite Ag is one of those people who questions basic assumptions. He focuses on agronomy or soil management and crop production. He has been a guest on a past episode, but we mostly discussed the cannabis industry.

Today, Dr. Curt Livesay shares his data based process especially around the subject of nitrogen use. We look at nitrogen efficiency and getting the desired amount of nutrients without creating waste. We also talk with Scott Wettstein, a farmer from Lidgerwood, North Dakota. If you like thinking for yourself, this is a great episode for you. 


"When we test and find products that actually work, we take those on and promote them to our growers." – Dr. Curt Livesay



This Week on the Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How Dynamite Ag prides themselves on research and education 
  • How Dr. Curt Livesay always had a greater vision and wanted to sell based on independent research
  • Nitrogen research and accepting the idea of “what everybody knows”
  • Nitrogen is not uniform in the soil profile
  • 360 Yield Center produces the Y drop which drops from a sprayer and places nitrogen closer to where the plant needs it
  • Overapplying nitrogen's negative impact on the environment
  • Looking at cost savings and capturing the yield goal based on Curt’s research
  • Research versus tradition and nitrogen soil tests with sensors



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