Future of Agriculture 064: Technology for Grazing Management With Byron Palmer and Christine Su of PastureMap

Grasslands and grazing cattle go hand in hand. Yet, grazing cattle can be a complex process with things like dynamic business practices, the ecology of the grasses, and the biology of the animal all needing to be considered. Grass-fed beef and other grass-fed agricultural products are also fueling the modern-day demand for pastures and grazing opportunities.

I recently came across a business that is trying to solve issues associated with pasture management and cattle grazing. Christine Su is the co-founder and CEO of PastureMap, a platform that collects data on different areas that are being used for grazing. It helps build on that data to help with making informed decisions on the entire process.

Byron Palmer is a livestock rancher who grazes cattle in Sonoma County. He is one of the people doing the work and putting future agricultural ideas into practice. He is the owner of Grounded Grasslands. Byron grazes cattle for farmers and manages pastures. Today, I talk with Christine about PastureMap, and with Byron about how he uses the software.


“We have a lot of respect for the tradition of planned grazing and the emotional component, so we follow adaptive planned grazing methodology very closely.” - Christine Su


This Week on the Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How PastureMap helps grazing managers who practice multi-paddock adaptive grazing
  • Christine’s background and how she went from a consumer with a business background to reconnecting with the land and food she eats
  • Features of the initial app prototype that could be accessed from a smartphone
  • An iterative process of launching live modules and beta testing future prototypes
  • How their mission is to help ranchers make more profits by building healthy grasslands
  • Focusing on soil carbon data and rewarding farmers by sharing positive data
  • How it’s not profitable to graze without productive pasture planning



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