Future of Agriculture 157: Tackling Tough Questions about AgTech with Renee Vassilos


Renee Vassilos is an Agricultural Economist and Regenerative Catalyst. She is the Founder of Banyan Innovation Group, an agribusiness consulting company that support startups in the agriculture sector through market sizing, business model and development, and strategy. Renee has over 15 years of experience working with multinational and government companies such as John Deere and the USDA.


Renee joins me to discuss the current startup climate in the agricultural industry. She shares her story and experience while working with big companies like John Deere and where she got her passion for helping startups. She explains why the ag industry hasn’t had any real disruptions in the last few decades and discuss the kind of innovations the industry should look forward to. Renee also describes how the current trade wars are affecting emerging startups.


Stay tuned for our Five-Minute Farmer segment with Hannah Esch of Oak Barn Beef.




“I don't think we've been seeing enough technologies that have been hitting the mark.” - Renee Vassilos




This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • Renee’s career with John Deere and the US Government abroad.
  • John Deere's technology pricing and how smallholder farmers can avail them.
  • Her thoughts on the need for traction for widespread customer adoption.
  • The notable disruptions in the industry within the last decade.
  • How the trade war is affecting innovations and technologies in agriculture.
  • Examples of markets that are spearheading innovation and unique products.
  • Why the ag sector hasn't really been innovative in the past few decades.
  • What nutrient-dense foods are and some examples.
  • Disruptions we can expect to see in agriculture.



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