Future of Agriculture 044: Grassfed Beef Through Adaptive Multi-Paddock Grazing with Russ Conser of Standard Soil

On today’s episode of Future of Agriculture Podcast, my guest is an engineer by who was born in Nebraska and grew up as a city kid in Omaha. Russ Conser eventually fell in-love with energy which started his decades-long career in Shell Oil where he learned more about oil, gas, and carbon. You may be surprised to hear that the knowledge and experience Russ gained in this industry eventually led him to his present venture in the field of agriculture.

Russ Conser is the CEO of Standard Soil, a company that uses adaptive multi-paddock grazing to grow grass-fed beef at scale. He spent the last 15 years in innovation and investing in pioneering startups that produce revolutionary and edgy outputs and results. A writer, speaker, investor, and game-changer, Russ talks about Standard Soil’s business model, its difference from other tech startups, the positive environmental impact it brings, and a lot more.


“I tend to think of agriculture really as the biological solar energy business in the world of farmers and ranchers.” – Russ Conser



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Russ elaborates the difference between traditional grazing and multi-paddock grazing.
  • He shares the effects of multi-paddock grazing that are advantageous not only to the business itself, but also in the quality of the nutrient produced in the soil.
  • Together with the overall environmental impact of multi-paddock grazing, Russ talks about what the organic-rich soils can do for everyone.
  • He gives some tips on how they handle moving paddocks frequently, how they manage the grazing during wintertime, and how to know the right square footage of paddocks per cow.
  • Russ emphasizes that the methods by which these things are produced usually cause concern with broader environmental issues.
  • He introduces the “cocktail mix” producers use to create a superior product.
  • Forward-looking, Russ talks about the significance of multi-paddock grazing to the US beef industry 20 years from now.


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