Future of Agriculture 039: Farmland Ownership and Cash Rent with Dave Meyers of Bird Dog

On today’s episode of the Future of Agriculture Podcast, my guest is a Purdue graduate who was brave enough to make a career change from being a Turkey breeder in Perdue Farms to sales. Dave Myers shares his journey in farming and how a man changed his perspective when he was taught about the soil and how it can maximize the growth in farming.

As Dave saw the struggles of many growers, he appreciated that with his new career path, he can help growers become more efficient with how they grew their crop. Not only that, he created an online app, Bird Dog, that helps growers market themselves while protecting their reputations at the same time.


“Longevity and being able to put together a long term plan is a huge value for many growers.” – Dave Myers



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • He shares the burden of many growers who desire to expand their farming operations, but are concerned about their reputation if they pursue the landowner.
  • As he elaborates the steps he took before Bird Dog was launched, he also enlightens us how Bird Dog helps growers market themselves to landowners.
  • He explains what landlords are searching for when looking for people who would rent their land and what growers are looking for in a landlord.
  • Dave talks more about Bird Dog in terms of geographical coverage of their services, the challenges they face involving landowners and growers, and the benefits of using Bird Dog.
  • He also shares the mistakes and struggles people make regarding landowner-farmer relationship.



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