Future of Agriculture 037: Matthew Sligar of Rice Farming TV The Casey Neistat of Agriculture

On today’s episode of Future of Agriculture Podcast, I have the privilege of talking with the Casey Neistat of Agriculture – Matthew Sligar.  He documents his life in relation to rice farming through video blogging.  He creates artistic videos that are made in engaging and amusing ways.

Matthew is a rice farmer from Gridley, California.  He shared with us today where he got his inspiration and confidence to launch his website Rice Farming TV.  We also talked about some of the episodes on his website that have greatly impacted him, his family, and the community that encourage him to continue and push on.  He looked back and shared with us parts of his life that contributed to the overall productiveness of the videos.


“In 2015, medium grain rice from California won the world’s Best Tasting Rice Award.  So, not only do we grow rice in California, but it’s premium, award-winning quality rice.”  – Matthew Sligar

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Matthew shares his inspiration to launch Rice Farming TV.
  • He shares the untold story about a mom who reached out to him when she saw the Halloween video that was aired on TV as she watched the response of her child with autism towards Matthew who handed over rice grains and candies to trick-or-treaters.
  • He also shares his unexpected journey from college, to the time he met his wife, and back to the family farm.
  • He talks about the amount of time he spends filming and editing the episodes together with the personal challenges he encounters such as balancing work, family, and hobby.
  • He even shares with us the equipment he uses for filming and editing the episodes.
  • He discusses how he chooses which part of his life he would share in each episode.
  • He expresses his desire for his children when asked about passing the farm to the next generation.
  • He also mentions some things he foresees in the future of agriculture.

Check Out Matthew Sligar Across the Net:


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