Future of Agriculture 060: Building Apps for Agriculture with Peter Schott of Myriad Mobile

Peter Schott grew up in a family with technologically inclined parents who used computers on their farm even from way back in 1984. Because of this, Peter's curiosity on the possibilities that technology can bring in solving agricultural problems grew. As a result, Peter and another guy from his college dorm decided to work together on offering solutions through mobile apps by establishing their own company called Myriad Mobile.

Today, Peter talks about the significant role that mobile apps play in the future of agriculture and the solution of current agricultural problems. He shares some excellent insights from two different perspectives - one from that of a farmer’s and the other of an entrepreneur. He also explains the significance of knowing your audience, your vision, and the problem you want to solve when thinking of a good app to pursue.


“I think the industry is best served if people spend more time listening to their customers and working alongside them rather than telling them what they need.”  – Peter Schott



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How Peter’s family used computers on the farm in 1984
  • Biggest game-changer for technology on his farm from 1984 to the present
  • How Myriad Mobile came to be and the core of Myriad’s business
  • The platform he created as a result of a cooperative request
  • Challenges of having and creating a mobile team and where he found his success in sales
  • Similarities and differences between developing apps for agriculture and other fields
  • How farmers can differentiate good technology versus salesmanship
  • How powerful Twitter is in connecting with others in the same industry
  • A peak on the process entrepreneurs go through when engaging with a mobile app firm
  • The biggest unsolved problems in agriculture that can be solved by technology



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