Future of Agriculture 055: Grain Entrapment and How an Idea Becomes a Feature Film with Sam Goldberg from Silo The Film

Today’s guest is an independent movie producer from New York City. Sam Goldberg grew up in Manhattan without any background in agriculture. He was introduced to agriculture when a filmmaker approached him for a concept about grain entrapment, a real and grave danger that farmers and other members of the community are exposed to. Seeing the significance of the issue socially, Sam currently is raising funds for the operation and completion of the movie titled Silo The Film.

On today’s episode, Sam talks about the progress he and his team have made in the production of Silo. He also shares why he thinks this movie is socially relevant and his stand on why he wanted to pursue this film in spite of the timespan they need to devote to complete it. He also mentions some of the things that Sam and his team are currently working on like fund-raising, casting, and searching for the right location to shoot the movie.


“This, to me, represents a potential bridge for conversation where a segment of the population can be humanized in such a way that is relatable to anybody.”  – Sam Goldberg


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Overview and plot of Silo The Film
  • What compelled Sam and his business partners to pursue this project
  • The social significance of this film
  • Reasons for filming a documentary
  • Response of the people who viewed the short film at the Tribeca Film Festival
  • The overall cost of the project and how the cost is divided
  • How the revenue side of film works
  • How Sam found the grain entrapment expert his team is working with on the film


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