Future of Agriculture 032: International Farming & Ag Leadership with Kip Tom

This is a good time for reflection on this past year and anticipation of what is to come in 2017, and I’m energized about the potential we have in some of the strategic objectives that we’ll be rolling out here in the coming year. I’m also excited to interview our guest today who came from humble farming beginnings and is now a leader in agri-business and a force in politics.

On today’s episode of the Future of Agriculture Podcast, we have who could very well be our next United States Secretary of Agriculture, Kip Tom.  Whether Kip is nominated or not, he will play an integral role in the leadership of our industry from his home in Indiana, from Washington D.C., or across the water in South America where he has a farming operation. He is passionate about encouraging and motivating our youth to step into the agri-business sector to continue family farming operations.

Kip shares his wisdom, insights, and advice, about this business and you’ll hear how a young man who grew up on his family’s homestead became a passionate advocate of continuing the American dream of keeping family-run farming businesses alive.

 “If there’s one thing you do, work towards succession planning to prepare the next generation to grow your business and sustain it. “  Kip Tom

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Kip talks about what his unique business model.
  • He talks about how he diversifies in the farming industry.
  • He tells us about his involvement in politics.
  • Kip describes his role in the family operations.
  • We talk about ag-policy and innovation.
  • He talks about his focus and goals in the event he becomes the next Secretary of Agriculture.
  • Kip tells us his views on the challenges of our Ag producers.
  • We discuss the needs in farming and how important it is for young people to get involved.
  • Kip talks about how social media impacts our agriculture stories and relays valuable information.
  • Kip speaks about his story about agri-business in South America.
  • He shares his insights about the future of


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