Future of Agriculture 027: International Agriculture Development and The Future of Agriculture in Africa with Trent McKnight, Founder of AgriCorps

AgriCorps sends American college graduates and professionals into developing nations to teach agriculture and to build local agricultural communities. The volunteers, known as AgriCorps Fellows, work for one year in countries such as Ghana and Liberia.

Trent shares his perspective on the future of agriculture in Africa, challenges and rewards of agricultural development, and the differences between U.S. and African food production. I agree with his perspective that Africa will grow into a major player in global agribusiness. So do many major corporations, who are rapidly expanding into the region.  

Enjoy Trent’s firsthand experiences and I look forward to hearing your feedback about your perspective on international development and the future of agriculture in Africa. 

Learn more about AgriCorps: https://agricorps.org/join/im-interested-in-more/

Like AgriCorps on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agricorps/


I encourage you to consider becoming an AgriCorps Fellow or contributing to their crowdfunding campaign!


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