Future of Agriculture 025: Michael Dunn, Precision Agronomist & Remote Sensing Specialist

According to AgFunder, over $4 billion poured into AgTech investments in 2015. Many times when people think of the recent AgTech craze, their mind immediately goes to drones.

I have been curious about drones for quite some time, both from a "coolness factor" perspective and from the perspective of "what's really that great about them in agriculture?".

I had been looking to bring on a drone expert to the podcast for quite some time, but didn't want someone who would be too technical or would look at it from an impractical angle. One day on Linkedin I came across the article "Applications of UAVs in Agriculture" by Michael Dunn, CCA. I knew I had found my next podcast guest.

Michael is able to talk about drones from the perspective of the farmer and from someone who is trying to help the farmer utilize technology to improve their operation. He is both technically knowledgeable as well as practically sensible about the uses of drones in agriculture, their limitations, and their potential.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Michael Dunn of Anez Consulting.


Connect with Michael on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-dunn-cca-75a64028

Check out Anez Consulting: http://anezconsulting.com/


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