FoA 404: Digital Solutions for the Largest Ag Retailer in Latin America With Alex Wimbush

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Brazil has officially overtaken the US to become the top corn exporter in the world. And companies like Lavoro Agro are seizing a huge opportunity to bring more technology to Brazilian farmers.

"A US corn farmer is gonna be two times more productive than that Brazilian farmer, and the difference really is gonna come down to technology. And that technology comes in the form of inputs. And inputs is really where Lavoro plays."

That's Lavoro's Chief Digital Officer, Alex. Wimbush. Today, he sits down with guest host Rhishi Pethe, who was also his colleague when they both worked at the Climate Corporation.

I'm noticing a lot of companies out there almost have like a FOMO about AI and you know, some of these new tools like ChatGPT. Are you feeling the pressure from certain folks, like, Hey, we need to use ChatGPT, or we need to use, you know, whatever the latest shiny object is?

This episode is a fascinating exploration of product management, Brazil. In agriculture and ag retail.

" I haven't seen yet any real true sort of sustained higher value input plus services plus products plus digital type offering.

Rhishi Pethe interviews Lavoro Agro's Alex Wimbush on today's Future of Agriculture podcast.

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