FoA 373: Soy Innovation with Meagan Kaiser of the United Soybean Board

Soy Checkoff: https://www.unitedsoybean.org/

Perry Agricultural Laboratory: http://www.perryaglab.com/

FoA 370: [History of Agriculture] William J Morse, the Father of the US Soybean Industry

Joining me today is the Chair of the United Soybean Board, Meagan Kaiser. Meagan has an impressive background growing up in agriculture and pursuing a degree in Soil Science from the University of Missouri. This set her up to join her family’s soil laboratory business, Perry Agricultural Laboratory which has been around for forty years based in Northeast Missouri. She is now a soil scientist and the chief operating officer for that business, and at the same time she farms with her husband, Mark, on the other side of the state in northwest Missouri. We will certainly talk about soil and about farming in today’s episode, but she’s here in another capacity, as the chair of the United Soybean Board, where she leads a group of 77 farmers who share one goal: to increase return on investment for US soybean farmers. 

It was a treat to talk to Meagan about the role of the soy checkoff and some of their many approaches to creating value for farmers: from infrastructure to biofuels to health and nutrition to innovation and technology. 

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