FoA 367: Is Agriculture Ready to Collaborate on Data? Jeremy Wilson of AgGateway

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Today’s episode features Jeremy Wilson of AgGateway. Jeremy has been a passionate advocate and catalyst for digital connectivity throughout his professional agriculture career, working within organizations serving farmers including crop insurance, data collection and analysis, systems development, and field agronomy as a consultant for three decades. Leading up to his current role at AgGateway, Wilson was a highly active participant for more than a decade on some of the organization’s most important connectivity projects and volunteer leadership roles, including chairman of the Precision Ag Council and the SPADE project. He also served as chairman of AgGateway’s Board of Directors. Jeremy says his other real passion outside of ag data is farming, and he continues to operate the 800-acre family grain farm he was raised on near Olney, IL. 

Helpful to know before we dive in is a little bit more about AgGateway. To try to sum it up, AgGateway is a global, non-profit organization whose members develop standards and other resources so that companies can rapidly access information. They bring the industry together to strive towards:

  • Cost savings from more efficient business processes
  • Inventory management/traceability
  • Interoperability in field operations
  • Ability to leverage data to increase profitability and sustainability

They provide a unique, global forum across industry sectors, so that companies can meet to solve digital challenges for agriculture and related industries. The 200 member companies that make up the organization include ag retailers, distributors, manufacturers (equipment, seed, crop nutrition, crop protection, etc.), grain and feed companies, precision ag providers, specialty chemical manufacturers, and software and data service providers.

So this is important work that could have a real impact on the future of agriculture, and I’m excited to dive deeper into this with Jeremy.

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