FoA 358: Buy Then Build a Local Ag Company with Elliott and Rebecca Miller of Edgar's Feed and Seed

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Edgar's Feed and Seed: https://www.edgarsfeedandseed.ca/

I know many of you are entrepreneurial. Maybe you’ve dreamed about starting a company. But there are many established companies that are looking for their next owner. In 2013, at the age of 23, Elliott and Rebecca Miller acquired Edgar’s Feed and Seed in Ontario, Canada. Through a good relationship with the previous owner, Elliott and Rebecca were able to utilize seller financing to buy the local ag retail company. Now after 10 years of ownership, they’ve been able to not only keep it afloat but to grow and expand. 

In 2013 at the age of 23, Elliott and Rebecca, purchased a business, got married, and bought a farm. That’s a busy year! The business they bought is Edgar’s Feed and Seed, which today offers retail products for livestock and agronomic services for a wide range of crops. They’ve also started carrying frozen meats, cheeses and other specialty pantry items from all over Ontario and Canada. They purchased the business from Niel Edgar, who was Elliott’s boss there at the time, and now works for the Millers as an employee of the company. 

Today’s episode will focus on their journey to acquiring a business at such a young age, making it work in the early years as they paid it off, and how they’ve grown it since. This is a pretty inspiring couple, and hopefully will help get your wheels turning about business opportunities in your local area. 

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