FoA 336: Agtech for grain marketing and risk management with Dakota Hoben of Farmers Risk

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Farmers Risk: https://farmersrisk.ag/

Today’s episode features Dakota Hoben, co-founder and CEO of Farmers Risk. This is an interesting look at a new startup that is taking on a complicated topic: grain marketing. As many of you know, buying and selling grain is where I started my career, so I’m always curious about companies in this space, but frankly, always a little skeptical as well. Just knowing how many variables are at play in these decisions, not least of which being the farmer’s emotions. But that said, I am impressed by Dakota, and the approach they are taking, and I think he makes some really strong points in this interview. 

Dakota knew from a young age that the only industry he was truly passionate about was agriculture. Growing up on a grain and livestock farm in Southeast Iowa before heading to Iowa State to study Agricultural Business and International Agriculture, he watched family, neighbors, and other farmers ride the marketing roller coaster, but didn’t know he would become an integral part of the solution to this problem. 

Before Farmers Risk, Dakota and co-founder Eric Barnard were co-workers at Granular.

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